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Diagnosing Pregnancy

One of our most expensive investments in the cattle industry is an open female. Pregnancy testing is taught in four phases throughout the school, phase (1) reproductive anatomy, (2) locating reproductive organs on live animals, (3) determining stages of pregnancy, and, (4) live animal evaluation. Each phase of diagnosing pregnancy is conducted under the guidance of our experienced instructors. Cattlemen that have the ability to pregnancy check females on the farm have an immediate economic advantage and can make culling decisions when necessary. The Graham school will teach both the beef and dairy cattle person how to correctly and accurately diagnose pregnancy.

Artificial Insemination

Artificial insemination is possibly the most valuable breeding tool available to today's cattleman. Seedstock producers have been able to make dramatic genetic improvements through the use of artificial insemination. Students receive nutritional instruction for cycling of cows, proper time of insemination, handling of semen from frozen to thawing and proper placement in the reproductive tract for the highest conception rate. Under the guidance of Graham School instructors, students become fully trained A.I. Technicians, capable of diagnosing, treating, and breeding livestock with complete confidence.

Calf Delivery

Avoiding unnecessary calf losses at birth is one of the most important aspects of a successfully managed cattle operation. Students are taught to deal with most all delivery complications including abnormal presentations, dry birth, twisted uterus, inverted uterus, closed cervix and stillbirths. The goal of the Graham School is to teach students to be in the right place at the right time, with the right skills to dramatically reduce the incidence of calf loss.

Herd Management

The underlying message throughout the week-long session at Graham School is practicality and common sense. The herd management portion consists of up to date material on prevention and general herd management, presented in an easy to understand format based on common sense and experience. The Graham School instructors who teach our herd management course are seasoned professionals with many years experience in managing herds of all sizes and under all types of conditions.