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Frank B. Graham II

Frank literally "grew up" with the Graham School. Graham currently manages the Graham School, is an instructor in both the classroom and the "on the farm" training portion of the curriculum and manager of the Graham farm and ranch. Frank attended Emporia State University and is a graduate of the Missouri Auction School, Kansas City, Mo.

Joe Atwood

Joe was born and raised on the family farm and has been raising cattle his entire life. Joe attended Kansas State University where he received both a Bachelor of Science Degree and a Master of Science Degree in agriculture. After graduationg from KSU he returned to the family farm and started a 32 year career in teaching agriculture education at both the junior college and high school level. Joe also worked in the animal nutrition field as an area sales manager. Atwood brings a vast knowledge of the cattle industry and years of education and ranch experience to the Graham School.

William J. Graham

William J. Graham was born and raised on the Graham farms and ranch. Billy too, has been closely associated with work of the Graham School and has been actively involved in the day to day management of the Graham farms since 1988. Billy maintains and manages the cow herd and cattle used for class work during each 5 day session. Billy graduated from Allen County Community College with an associate degree in Farm Ag.

George Miller

George works as an animal nutrition consultant through Valley R  Agri Service, Inc., 20379 NW 1600 Road, Garnett, KS  66032. His training in the animal nutrition industry includes an Associate Degree (1974) in Farm and Ranch Management from SE Kansas Vo-Tech, experience balancing rations on own family dairy in the 1970s, and has worked with  dairy and beef herds since 1980.He has attended many industry seminars over the years, covering dairy and beef nutrition subjects.