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Since 1909 The Graham School for Cattlemen has provided valuable continuing education in breeding and herd management to beef and dairy cattlemen. Students from around the globe have learned and perfected their management skills in artificial insemination, pregnancy testing, calf delivery, fertility testing, nutrition and herd health, just to name a few. Graham School students represent a cross-section of the cattle industry ranging from licensed veterinarians, seedstock producers, commercial producers, and feedlot employees.

Each Graham School session consists of five days of intense classroom and "hands on" training in actual on-the-farm conditions. whether a student is new to the cattle business or a seasoned professional, the Graham School offers a diverse curriculum relevant in today's competitive and economically sensitive ranching climate.


“I highly recommend the Graham School for anyone involved in the cattle business. It is a tremendous experience and learning opportunity for cattlemen and women at any level of livestock production. The hands on training with the ability to work one on one with exceptional instructors is what I believe is the best part. It is also a great way to network and meet fellow producers from around the country. Frank is truly an asset to the cattle industry for his continued commitment to educating and helping so many cattlemen and women. Make plans to attend the Graham School, you will not be disappointed” - Jeremy R. (West Virginia) July 2022

“Really great information at this school. Vast knowledge and experience. Really appreciate Frank’s insight. Shane, Jake, Tony, and Billy all were extremely helpful. Great experience.” - November, 2021

“The school is a great place to learn and gain skills that are in high demand in the cattle business. You will learn nutrition to reproduction. The instructors are experienced, well versed and willing to answer any questions you have. I personally highly recommend this school! I can’t wait to go back!” - Issac October 2021

“This was a remarkable experience and worth every penny. The relationships you form as well as the material you learn really makes this class stand out.” - May 2021

“I am extremely honored and thankful to have had this experience at Graham School. I really enjoyed all the great instructors and getting to meet more good people in the industry. I am leaving with a much improved understanding and knowledge and a much greater confidence in my abilities.” - May 2021

“I thought the classes and farm experience were great. Learned a lot, great experience! I thought it was worth every penny. On top of everything, great people. Thank you for everything!!” - January 2021

“This school was the best investment I could have made when it comes to cattle. The teaching and teachers were spot on. We learned so much in a short week and I’m really thankful!” - January 2021

I attended Graham School in August of 2019 and have nothing but praise for the program, instructors, techniques, and facilities. I had a real hands-on, not over-crowded, experience where I could put into action what we were taught. I was able to go home and put my learning to use by pregnancy testing my own cows and this spring – dabble in the AI process. I also learned many tips and tricks that I could put into my toolbox for later use on my own ranch.” – Heather, Wyoming

"Thank you everyone at the Graham School for Cattlemen. Your school was a great experience and I learned so much. You have wonderful instructors, great hands-on opportunity, and plenty of real-life experience. To top it off, the fellow classmates were an absolute delight. The ultrasound system I bought along with the knowledge you gave me has been a phenomenal benefit to my operation. This is a great school for anyone in the business!" – August 2019

"Very impressed – I would recommend Graham School to anyone wanting to improve their operation." – February 2020

"This program far surpassed my expectations! It was great to see how other ranches work in different parts of the country. I really appreciate the extra time that was given to me with the ultrasound!" – February 2020

"The school was wonderful! It far exceeded my expectations. The information was presented in a way it was easy to understand. It was very nice to communicate with others to see different ways to accomplish a task." – February 2020

"This school is such an amazing experience! So blessed to have had the opportunity to come and learn from the instructors. Thank you so much for putting on this school!" – February 2020

"This is a great school, very informative. I really learned a lot and sharpened my skills. Very fun, very enjoyable." – February 2020

"We learned so much more that we even could have imagined. We can’t thank y’all enough for this school and the amazing instructors! I know our farm and cattle are going to be all the better for it; we can’t wait to send our kids someday. Thank you!" – February 2020

"Attending the Grahm School was an amazing experience, the hands on learning was second to none. Every instructor was very knowledgeable and helpful throughout the week. I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the ultrasound portion of the class at the end of the week. I bought an ultrasound machine from the school and put it to use when I got home. Using the ultrasound I preg checked 1800 head this fall and was reassured when my uncle (who has preg checked for 30+ years) rechecked what I had called open and I hadn’t missed one. The skills I learned from the school will be financially beneficial for our operation. I highly recommend the Grahm School for anyone in the cattle industry." -Nate, Wyoming

"This school will be helpful for me to manage my cow herd. I now have the opportunity to expand my knowledge of the cattle industry." -Conner, Florida

"Exceeded my expectations." -Joe, Ohio

"Very happy with the school, very educational and pleased with all the hands on and the individual attention that each student received." -Kourtney, Texas

"School was very informative. I feel I can go home and pregnancy check my cows and be successful in breeding my cows." -Clay, Mississippi

"Great school and smart instructors." -Kurtis, Missouri

W.S. Graham - Founder of Graham School

W.S. Graham born 1918 died on January 19, 2010. Bill was the son of the founder of the Graham School. W. S. had been actively involved with the school since 1938 and retired in 1988 due to health reasons. Bill had more than 50 years of teaching experience in artifical insemination in both beef and dairy cattle. In addition to his instructional work at the Graham School, Bill also served as manager of the Graham Farms until 1973.

He is sorely missed by all who knew him and especially the staff of the Graham School and his son Frank and wife Mary. He had 4 grandchildren, 9 great grandchildren and 3 great great grandchildren.


The Graham School for Cattlemen is something I will NEVER FORGET! I AM STILL EXCITED! It was an intense week so packed with information I thought my might explode-long time since this old gal has been to school!

Meeting the other students was a highlight too, Folks in common, passionate about Ag and young folks wanting to learn more. I plan on sending my son and his fiancé in a year or so.

Again thanks so much for the incredible experience! Karen Hauge class of October 2015

PS! Got my repro-scan machine up and working good. Thank you for your patience in teaching me how to work it.
Graham School for Cattlemen is one of the only continuing education schools for breeding and herd management for farmers, ranchers, and cattlemen providing Garnett, Kansas with a hands on facility with field training in pregnancy diagnosis training, artificial insemination training, calf delivery training and herd management training. Arranged housing is available for men and women at Graham School in Kansas.