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Ultrasound Pregnancy Testing Class

Students at the regular week long Graham Schools will be given an overview of pregnancy testing with reproductive ultrasound equipment. Students may arrange for a more in-depth training program at the Graham School or on their home ranch by contacting the Graham School office.

Ultrasound can be used to safely diagnose pregnancy in cows and heifers at earlier stages of pregnancy than manual palpation. Ultrasound equipment has come down in price and many beef and dairy operations can now afford to purchase their own ultrasound equipment. This makes on-farm ultrasound pregnancy testing easier, safer and more affordable than ever before.

Ultrasound Pregnancy Testing Classes at the Graham School cover these important topics:
The Graham School is pleased to work with ReproScan and BoviScan cattle ultrasound equipment. This equipment may be purchased through the Graham School.

ReproScan XTC with ReproArm
BoviScan Linear
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